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Recent Changes

  • 19/01/2014 - Radical Strokes Index
    You can now search by radical/strokes.
  • 18/12/2013 - Mobile Version of Online Editor
    On mobile phones you are now asked if you want to use the new mobile version of the online editor. It has fewer features but it allows basic writing of Nôm characters on mobile phones.
  • 12/12/2013 - Easier Compound Writing
    In the text fields it is now easier to write compounds. E.g. if you try to type "cảmơn" it does not become "camởn" as before. I had to hack into the awsome vietUni.js by nthachus.
  • 11/27/2013 - New Languages
    The website is now available with interfaces in Vietnamese and German. Additionally the Vietnamese interface exists in Latin script and in Nom-Script. Despite these changes the main language will remain English.
  • 11/27/2013 - Levels introduced
    As the number of characters on this site has increased I have introduced a level system. So the level pages are now smaller and load faster than the previous character index.
  • 11/24/2013 - New Frequency Data
    I have updated and improved the Frequency Data. The most frequent word is now "吧 " and not "羅 " as before. Some homonyms have been resolved to different frequencies instead of the same frequency for all characters with the same pronounciation. The frequency data is based on news articles of Vietnamese websites.

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03/30/2014 page, sheet  trang
02/18/2014 𩵜 𣷷 saltwater fish, sea fish  cá biển
02/18/2014 𩵜 freshwater fish  cá đồng
02/18/2014 field; countryside, country; rural  đồng
02/17/2014 𩛖 cooking oil, edible oil  dầu ăn
02/17/2014 𠬃 to abandon  bỏ mặc
02/17/2014 [silent, quiet]  mặc
02/17/2014 complex; sense, perception  mặc cảm
02/17/2014  mặc
02/17/2014 to seize power, to assume power  chấp chính
02/17/2014 [to execute]  chấp
02/17/2014 to implement, to execute, to carry out  chấp hành
02/17/2014 𠸒 to say  bảo
02/17/2014 Kingdom of England  vương quốc anh
02/17/2014 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, England  anh quốc
02/17/2014 [to have not; to sink]  một
02/17/2014 𢂞 father, dad  bố
02/16/2014 registered residence; population, number of inhabitants  hộ khẩu
02/16/2014 place, location, site  nơi
02/16/2014 𠊚 gentleman; Mr.  ngài
02/16/2014 elder brother  anh
01/30/2014 [ancestor, forefather; grandfather]  tổ
01/29/2014 characer radical  bộ thủ
01/29/2014 𢷮 to innovate, to renovate  đổi mới
01/29/2014 𢷮 to change, to exchange, to switch, to convert  đổi